Hoard of the Dragon Queen!

Chaos is the plan

large scale battle happens

Pharblex’s body is transported in up to the lizardmen who then plot their attack.The lizardmen execute Pharblex and claim Suncallers staff. The plan is set to invade the Bullywog’s camp in the early morning.

Zombies are released, Dralmora is informed of the upcoming situation. Fighting ensues.

The group attacks the bullywogs in the front tower. They are choked with poweder and pursue the adventurers in to the castle. Fighting outside the castle is not going well for the lizardmen, but the adventurers don’t know that yet. Osred is able to get the cultists to attack the Bullywogs. and make the cultists think the Bullywogs have betrayed them.

With the cultists aiding the lizardmen, the tide of battle sways in favor of the lizardmen. It would be a Bullywog massacre, except Rezmir is informed of the fighting outside by Sheranya.

The half dragon Rezmir melts the zombies in the courtyard and is able to stop the fighting outside. He returns to somewhere in the castle to “tell the others”. Dralmora doesn’t know who “the others” are. The cultists are clearing out the dead outside while the adventurers search Rezmir’s quarters. While Osred tries to carefully make a copy of the instructions to use the teleportation circle, Galazard proceeds to make it look like a break in by smashing a window, setting off an acid trap on to himself and then lighting the room on fire.

Having started a fire in part of the castle, the adventurers go in to the center tower to see if they can find the seer stone. It is possible that Rezmir and others have already gone through the teleoprtation circle. It is also possible that they are waiting inside the tower.



savage_evan humina

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