Hoard of the Dragon Queen!

To the Castle

Through the tunnel of treasure to the beaches of lizardmen slaughter

Things go great in convincing Bogluck that the adventurers are part of the cult of the dragon. Hand symbols are shared, secret phrases are spoken. When Galuzard casually mentions that the shipments are headed North past the roadhouse, Bogluck turns from cautious and possibly convinced to Stabby as he calls for backup.

Things do not go well for Bogluck as he finds that we are better at the stabbing than he is. His indignant manner results in a casual knife to the throat from Sheranya. The Chef is paid off with a fist full of treasure and the guards are locked up in the rooms. This gives our adventurers a head start before trouble follows them through the secret tunnel Underneath Bogluck’s office.

It appears that treasure is shipped to Carnath Roadhouse, through a tunnel, onto canoes and finally to Castle Naertyar in the Mere of Dead Men. Following this path and emerging from the end of a very long tunnel, sits three canoes. Also sitting near these canoes are quote a few lizardmen. Being a very insular group, the lizardmen are not interested in the ideas of outsiders or talking in general. They decide to attack. After some raging, hellish rebukes, faerie fires and crossbowing, the group of Lizardmen are dispatched. It is a very cold blooded affair…Get it? Cause lizards are cold blooded…

Here is what the lizardmen looked like in their alive form:


savage_evan humina

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