Hoard of the Dragon Queen!


to swamps and roadhouses

The cultists that we had beaten in the previous installment are charmed by Osred, and led to a square where they are picked up by the order of the gauntlet. This was of course after entertaining other options like simply burning them (that particular option being provided by the lawful good Galuzard).

Las Felro has been resurrected. He is some sort of powerful wizard. He didn’t remember much, except for a study and a man in red robes. He gave us a key to his chest that was formed from his blood. It was decided that Q should choose which item in the chest he wanted, since we were only allowed to get one (and Q had entered a life debt to conclude this particular adventure). He now has a fancy golden brooch with which to pin his cape. It looks roughly like a pair of linked shields, and it confers resistance to force damage plus immunity to Magic Missile.

We leave Waterdeep after getting our horses provided to us by the order of the gauntlet. Sheranya purchases an extra horse from the stable owner Gaston just in case. We pay the guards on the way out of town after briefly entertaining either running away swiftly or burning them where they stand (the idea again coming from the lawful good Galuzard ).

The party catches up to the caravan headed to the roadhouse. Donning disguises, and wearing the cultist robes the group uneventfully makes its way around the caravan. Noting that Jamna is part of the caravan, the group decides to camp on a nearby hill and catch up with Jamna. There was probably discussion of burning the caravan.

Using Osred’s ability to turn 2 people invisible, Osred and Sheranya make their way down to the caravan. Failing to hail Jamna with his voice, Osred writes a note, attaches it to a rock, and is able to pass it to Jamna. Jamna decides to travel north with everyone because there happens to be an extra horse.

The group heads north for several days, passing through a couple of nondescript small towns before reaching Carnath Roadhouse. Mark repeatedly makes Roadhouse references for the 1989 Patrick Swayze movie. Actually if he is honest it’s more of a reference to Family Guy referencing roadhouse. Everyone else is confused.

At the roadhouse, Bogluck the roadhouse manager greets everyone, noting that the only people to make their way through the area tend to be workers. Random travelers are an odd sight. Going up to the kitchen we are greeted gruffly by the cook. The cook is initially gruff and bitter, but warms up with some ale from Q. He mentions the noise that is coming from what he assumes is some sort of animal infestation coming from the floor. It appears that strange things are afoot beneath the roadhouse.



I don’t have my notes in front of me so I made the post without filling in various names. Please add details/names that I don’t have in front of me.


done :)


I kinda want to watch roadhouse now. It looks terrible, but like an amusing kind of terrible.

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