Hoard of the Dragon Queen!

New friends, new enemies

We are in the bar, meet Osred. Osred accepts a vial of potent owlbear musk from Q. The cultists all leave together and go down the street, collecting traveling goods that are clearly meant to last more than seven days – maybe 2-3 weeks?

Salazar and Sheranya go invisible and listen in to the cultists’ room in the tavern by climbing outside their window. He sees a map showing a route going to Mere of Dead Men (??).

Jemna, a female that Q spoke with at the bar, joins Bayd’s caravan.
A man with a wool hat also joins the cultists.
Jemna is keeping an eye on the man with a wool hat. Some of us notice. She notices that some of us notice. Some of us notice that she notices that some of us have noticed. It is unclear whether or not she notices that some of us notice that she notices that some of us have noticed.

Sheranya approaches Jemna about this, Jemna notes that we have enemies more powerful than we may realize. She refuses to tell which side she’s on, saying “the enemy of my enemy …” winks, and walks off.

A few days later, we have oatmeal. Ewww! Luckily, Jemna stopped Q from eating a little kernel in her oatmeal that would open up all these spikes in her stomach and slowly kill her. Phew! Salazar finds some things that look similar but we are not yet sure.

A couple of scary horned meat-loving birds try to kill us. We kill them instead.

End scene.


savage_evan Sheranya

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