Hoard of the Dragon Queen!

Life and debts

Upon arrival in Waterdeep, the brave guards Q, Galuzard, and Sheranya were paied their remaining salary. The group divided to run their individual errants. Galuzard went with the cultists to report on where they were staying. He found out that they would stay at least one day longer. Osred met up with his buddy Reginald who rewarded him for bringing him Owl Bear Musk, which Reginald intended to modify and improve its scent to flood the market with it. Q and Sheranya went to the church of Pelor, after Osred’s recommendation, to inquire about the revival and curse removal procedure. The high priest determined that it is a binding spell, that bound Lasfelro’s life force to the Gargoyle. In order to make Lasfelro whole again, the chain needed to be fixed first, then both of them revived and finally, Lasfelro’s body killed. This all would be way to expensive, but luckily the merchant gave us the blue chip, token of a life debt, which might be able to “pay” for the procedure.

The four adventurer’s met up again later that day in the “Lifted Skirt”, to discuss their findings and new plans. Lasfelro’s wagon was parked behind the inn, and hist chest, gargoyle and body carried into their room for safekeeping.

The next day, they went to Deren, the man the hight priest had directed us to, who happened to be the minister of life debts in Waterdeep. Deren took the blue chip in exchange for an affidavit and sent us to Lady Denari. The chip belonged to her. Lady Denari, a former Paladin in some high dude’s service (and worshiper of Torm), agreed to deliver the service, but only in exchange for another life debt, as we wanted to revive two creatures. Q, after some hesitation, offered his. The resurrection and curse removal procedure would happen the following day.

Afterwards Q and Sheranya went to their Gauntlet contact and invited Osred into the club. (Galuzard refrained from coming as it might have jeopardized his good standing with the cultists.) Everybody stocked up from the meagre supplies there were, and agreed to pursue the cultists further north, trying to stall their plans, whatever they might be. Instead of joining another convoy led by Ardred Briferhew (a convoy charged of repairing the roads), they decided to go by themselves on horseback, the latter provided by the Gauntlet. The contact also talked of a rumour, that the Zhentarim, a dark network of illuminati thieves, had gained an “interest” in the cultists, as they felt threatened in their position of being the ones to rule the world soon.

On the way back, the heroes were ambushed by a group of cultist, led by a women in cool purple robes and chainmail, and the ball-punched guy among them. They didn’t like that we had been meddling in their business, and didn’t want to talk about it either. So we instead cleaved, lulled, insulted, grilled, and burned them, leaving only four of them alive. One of them was very talkative, and so we learned about Mondath, wearer of purple, different greeting hand signs, and the precise location of their meeting point in the Mere of Dead Men, the Carnath road house. We tied all of them up to be delivered to the Gauntlet for further questioning, keeping their clothes and scabbards, just in case.

Back in the “Lifted Skirt”, our heroes went to sleep, glad to have gotten a chance to whet their skills, and eager for what the next day might bring. Would Lasfelro come back from the dead? Would he remember how he had died and reveal their shameful secret? Would the remaining cultist in Waterdeep rally to confront the troublemakers? Would Sheranya get her purple outfit? Stay tuned…


savage_evan humina

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