Hoard of the Dragon Queen!

Castle Castle Castle

Passing their first night in the castle, the heroes arranged a watch rotation. Through the night, little happened save for the Mere displaying how it got its name. Groans erupted from across the moat, and glowing orbs popped into life. Held off by the orbs, each hero on watch could just barely make out the forms of shambling humanoids. The shamblers’ rotting flesh agitated their noses. Osred tried to throw a rock at them.

Sheranya overheard a conversation between Dralmora and a second voice, with which she was unfamiliar. The gist she understood was that the powers that be in the Cult of the Dragon, aka Rezmir, wish for the bullywugs to help out in running things, but Dralmora herself wants nothing to do with them, seeing the lizardfolk as the superior helpers. The heroes deduced that she, too, would like to see Pharblex killed, and that she wants to use us as her excuse.

Before even breakfast, our heroes were gathered for a meeting with the lizardfolk in their housing area. The leaders squatted around a fire, and discussed the situation of the lizardfolk. Their demands, should we choose to fulfill them, are that we bring Pharblex, alive, to them, and that we recover Suncaller’s staff from wherever it has been put in the castle. We agreed, naturally, determined to figure out later if we would actually side with them.

From our meeting, we elected to explore the castle further. The first room we found ourselves in, the Dragon Chapel, seemed to have scattered idols of prior gods stored in a back room. Osred elected to arrange the Tiamat idols in compromising positions, which he hastily corrected as cultists began streaming in for a service. Q shuffled upstairs to explore, fortunately by this act avoiding the need to act like a cult member. Upstairs from the chapel, the heroes found a great library, stocked with the spoils of many sacked towns. Sheranya found a few scrolls that might be of use in the library.

Above the library, the heroes found a beautifully carved door with a simple padlock. Galuzard, stepping up to pick it, was thrown violently back by a burst of lightning. Cursing, she heaved a javelin and shot an arrow into the face of the door, watching how the lightning arced between them. Fairly certain that they weren’t going in that way, the heroes considered other options. Eventually, Osred turned Q invisible, and Q scrambled out the window and up to the top floor. Around the room, he saw significantly more splendor than elsewhere in the castle, including carved creatures and a large, comfy bed. However, Q heard noises downstairs and, playing it safe, scrambled back down. All the way down. Into the moat. Where he was nipped by alligators before hauling his ass out and back to the group.

Moving clockwise around the castle as planned, the group next encountered the kitchen. The chef was a nice enough fellow, and Q snuck upstairs to grab some fancy grains for his next beer concoction: the Beer of Dead Men.

The next room contained cultists sorting treasures. After asking a few questions about where the loot went (they only knew that the bullywugs carried them off, but didn’t know where to), the heroes were pulled aside by Dralmora and the owner of the voice, …


savage_evan Sheranya

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